New Shark Skwal Motorcycle Helmet with Front and Rear LEDs

Shark Helmets, based in Marseilles, France, have over 25 years of experience in creating some of the most innovative and coveted helmets in the world. From their origins in sport racing, Shark strives to achieve the very highest levels of product engineering and safety. their 600 strong team manufacturing over 350,000 motorcycle helmets each year.

The company recently unveiled its newest addition, the Skwal, at the Motorcycle Live 2014 show, held at the Birmingham NEC. The buzz around the Skwal was intense; this helmet is the very first to feature fully functional green LEDs, a feature that combines safety with good looks.

The Shark Skwal is a technically advanced helmet, created for sports riding, touring and commuting, and is designed to fully meet the needs of modern motorcyclists. It combines form and function, boasting many features such as an integral dropdown sunvisor, an anti-fog pinlock visor, LEDs at front and rear, and optimised ventilation.

Today, the majority of thermoplastic motorcycle helmets are designed from the shell inwards, resulting in a helmet that, while often looking good on the outside, has not been specifically formed for long term comfort and performance wear. The Shark Skwal is one of a new breed of helmets, moulded around a head-shaped cast, with the shell built around the inner casing, culminating in an ergonomically sculpted helmet, that allows maximum rider comfort and safety.

The Skwal’s revolutionary LED lights mean that the wearer will be seen in poor weather conditions, on dark roads, and in unfamiliar territory on tour. The bright green LEDs are powerful enough to be noticeable during daylight, and are easy to use at the touch of a button. The Skwal is a great all-round helmet, that combines sporty looks with a high specification and the extra safety feature of attractive LEDs.