Alpha-ESS S3



  • Maximum PV self-consumption rate
  • Backup function in case of grid outage
  • Circuit and surge protection are included
  • Pure plug & play installation
  • Energy storage unit for integration in both new and existing PV (DC / AC coupling) system
  • High performace LFP lithium batteries designed with highest safety standards and 20 years lifetime
  • User-friendly with visualization monitoring system



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AlphaESS provides an excellent energy storage system, which integrates one smart Energy Management System (EMS) controller, one hybrid inverter and several battery modules. This system can be used for new PV installation or retrofit of existing PV system.

With EMS and one intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), this system makes it possible for PV generation owners to use PV electricity for their own demand not only during sunlight hours but also at the time of less or no light. Therefore, more than 80% of household electricity demand can be covered.


Warranty for Australia

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